Platform - Overview

The Mortgage Servicing Cloud cloud is a fully featured mortgage servicing solution.

Key Characteristics

MCC's Servicing platform is a modern platform with a proven core engine.

The key characteristics of the platform are the following:

  • Fully Featured
  • Easy to Use
  • Cost Effective
  • Configurable to Meet Your Needs
  • Focused on Data Integrity
  • Highly Available
  • Compliant and Secure
Fully Featured

A complete solution that includes the following benefits:

  • All functions are real-time.
  • All loan instruments and loan types are supported such as, fixed rate mortgages, government subsidy loans, GPMs, ARMs, Option ARMs, Home Equity, HELOC, Buydowns, Wraps, Balloons, Seconds, Commercial loans, Land Contracts, BiWeekly Loans, B & C paper and many more.
  • Extensive portfolio of standardized reports (400+), views, and procedures
  • Escrow analysis (individual loan or bulk)
  • Automatic generation of monthly statements, letters, reports, etc.
  • On-line letter writer featuring user control over letter content and letter variables
  • Interactive on-line collection system that monitors delinquencies daily and prompts collectors
  • Fully-automated hazard binder insurance program
  • Reports via Excel compatible files, hard copy, or PDF
  • On-line transaction history
  • Web based mortgagor customer self-service via MyLoanInfo ®.
Easy to Use

  • Browser based web user interface
  • Advanced Navigation
  • User Interface Shortcuts
  • Optimized for Operational Workflow
Cost Effective

  • Highly Productive - Industry leading employee to loan count ratio
  • Integrated features to reduce errors
  • Priced to be affordable for all sizes of loan portfolios
  • All input fully balanced prior to updating files
Configurable to Meet Your Needs

MCC works with you to configure the platform to your workflow and specifications.

  • Integrate with your origination system
  • Integrate with your core banking system
  • Integrate with your financial system
  • Define custom reporting and dashboards
Focused on Data Integrity

An interactive, on-line collection system monitors delinquencies and prompts collectors to call delinquent mortgagors at specified times or under specific conditions.

  • Daily 100% year-to-date file reconciliation for ultimate data integrity
  • All input fully balanced prior to updating files
  • Extensive edits and checks
  • Follow-up prompts are automatic
  • Data is continually backed up to Iron Mountain
Highly Available

The platform is deployed in multiple data centers and configured for 24/7 operation.

In addition all data is continually backed up to a second data center as well as to Iron Mountain.

Compliant and Secure

MCC’s data center, servers, application, and processes have been determined to meet FISMA/NIST requirements.

Your confidential data is protected using multiple firewalls and security audits are performed regularly.