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Web/T.I.M.E. Security and Disaster Recovery

Your mortgage servicing data is no doubt the most important data you own.  How long could your business continue if it were to disappear?  Consider how seriously we take this issue, and as you do, compare what Web/T.I.M.E offers to what your current processor provides:

Hacker Proof

McDonald Computer’s data center, servers, application, and processes have been FISMA/NIST certified.  This means they meet the most stringent security guidelines as defined by the United States government.  This also means that our products can be used to service government-backed mortgages (i.e. GNMA/FNMA).  Your confidential data is protected using multiple firewalls and security audits are performed regularly.

Accident Proof

Your data is not only kept safe from hackers, but it is kept safe from accidents, too.  All programs, data, and reports are continuously backed up at IronMountain.  Your data hosted with us is 100% safe!

Disaster Proof

But what if the absolute worst were to happen, and a natural disaster beyond anyone’s control were to disable, or even fully destroy our data center?  Not a problem — we run a duplicate data center as a ‘hot spare’.   Your data is continuously replicated to this data center.  Should a disaster occur, we can seamlessly transition our clients to this alternate location within minutes.

As you can see, we take the security of your data and operations very seriously.  Can you afford not to host your data on such a secure system?

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